Do you want to buy kitten from "Colorolla"? Welcome!
Here you can see available kittens which were born in my cattery.


Please note:

I don't reply to emails that contain only a request for price!
Introduce yourself please: a little bit about yourself; about your cattery (if you have), where are you from, what quality kitten/cat are you looking for (Pet, Breeder/Show), your preferences (color/sex), do you have any breeding experience.

All kittens go to the new home by CONTRACT.
Only a DEPOSIT holds a kitten for you.
The deposit is not refundable if the buyer changed his mind for any reason. I don't sell to pet shops or to anyone for re-sell. I sell my cats to small cageless catteries only. I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime without explanation.

Don't hesitate to contact me!
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