Welcome to the web-site of COLOROLLA cattery!

My name is Olga and I am the owner of the cattery of Persian and Exotic cats COLOROLLA. I live in small northern town Severodvinsk on the coast of White Sea, Russia.

I'm working with Himalayans, Persians and Exotics in pointed and solid (CPC) colors. My breeding program is based on the bloodlines of the best catteries of Europe and USA.

Blue-eyed Persians and Exotics are my true love!

Ольга Дмитриева

All my cats are always surrounded by love, care and attention. They are tender and socialized companions, they live freely with us as family members. We are against of keeping cats in cages, so all my kittens leave the cattery with a contract which obligatory has special article about their future non-cage living conditions.

All my cats are tested for PKD (PKD DNA negative)

If you want to buy a kitten for shows, breeding or simply as a pet – please visit the web-page KITTENS, and maybe one of them will be yours.

COLOROLLA cattery is registered in felinologic systems:

СFA (USA) № 224811 in 2011 year.

WCF (Germany) № 2450-2011 in 2011 year.

I hope you will enjoy visiting my web-site.

Best regards,

Olga Dmitrieva.